6 Simple Tips to Shop in the Wholesale furniture

(three-fives) Wholesale furniture is often being a choice when you expect to complete your interior design. Indeed, it is considered giving you some benefits including the more choices and price which is relatively affordable. However, there are also some other things you should pay attention more. It is by remembering that a wholesale is basically established for serving the smaller agents. That’s why the owner tends to persuade you to buy more than one item at once. Of course, it is because the wholesale itself must not want to gain more profits. Well, if there is a wholesale around you and you are interested to shop there, here are some tips you may need to follow.

Determining Your Budgets

This is very important in order to avoid something terrible like over budgets. It is true actually as once you decide to buy your furniture in a wholesale, it is much better to prepare more money. However, it doesn’t mean you can buy anything you want. First of all, be sure that the ones you want to purchase are those that you really need. The determination of budgets here mean whatever the items you want to buy, your prepared money must be able to cover all of them.

Knowing What You Want to Buy

This point is still related to the previous one. Yes, the furniture to be purchased must be proportional with the money you have. Indeed, it is more suggested for you to buy more than one item as it gives lower costs. But still, you should not buy four items if your money can only cover two or three items. Therefore, days before you go to the wholesale, you can make a list about the furniture you really need to buy currently.

Visiting at Least 2 Outlets

Even if you already have a favorite furniture outlet, you actually still need to see the others. Surely, such an observation is very important to compare the price offered and quality of products. Don’t be shy to ask anything you think you really don’t know including the types of material used, the ways of production, and others. Those are basically playing important roles to determine the final cost. If you are interested to buy them online, you should also consider the distribution you must pay. Well, the wholesale in your town may offer you higher price. But if the total cost is lower than the online shop plus the distribution cost, why not?

Private wholesale is more recommended

It means that you should consider shopping in a wholesale owned privately by someone rather than buying furniture in a mall or shopping centers. The reason is clear; the products tend to be more affordable as there is no or less renting cost and tax. Of course, it is except if you want to have a prestige related to the brand of products to be purchased.

Finding Testimonials

It is not a secret that there are many people who are paid to make fake testimonials. But believe or not, you still need to see any testimonial from customers before deciding to buy the products. If you don’t trust what people said online, you can get more information from people around you, let’s say family, relatives, friends, and maybe neighbors. Of course, they must have experienced to buy furniture or something. The testimonials to be learnt are not only about the price or qualities of the products, but also the services.

Learning the Products First

It is something not less important. Before starting to hunt the furniture, be sure you know so well about the products. It is including the materials probably used, the price, the benefits, and the lacks. It is basically to avoid being tricked or cheated once you have been in thewholesale furniture.

What You Need to Consider Before Choosing to Get the Used Office Furniture

(three-fives) The ideas to choose used office furniture might be such the good thing for any of you who need to start your new office as like for a small business or entrepreneur. Starting a business is not something easy, but we have to be smart in dealing with it. We need to prepare anything really well to know that everything is already that good. We have the wide ranges of ideas in dealing with the plans of the business. However, preparing for an office can be such the challenging thing. That is especially for a small business which is already established. Of course, if we are dealing with those things, there will be a lot of points which we have to think about. It is including about dealing with the cost for any of them. Preparing for such a business office would not be that easy and it would not be that cheap as well. There are so many things we need to prepare in dealing with the new office. Surely, we also need to be able saving much for the cost in having a new office. One of the ideas is by dealing with the right choice of the office furniture. The comfy yet enjoyable office does not always require the new office furniture. Considering using the old or used furniture for the office is such a good idea. You can still get the comfy office with the stylish look without spending much of the money. The used furniture can help you saving much of your money without you have to sacrifice the style of your office. If you also think the same, you can notice some of the information below which can be great as the considerations for you to buy the new office furniture or used ones.

The Pros of Used Office Furniture

Of course, buying the used office furniture has some positive points which you can obtain. They can also be the reasons why it is worth to choose the used one rather than the new furniture for the office. Here are some of the pros of the used furniture for the office:

  • The used furniture for office, of course is much cheaper than the new one.
  • That will help you and your business to increase the credentials regarding to the environmentally friendly.
  • You can get the quality furniture for your office without spending that much.
  • With such the lower price or cost, you can still obtain the style of the office with the stylish furniture.

The Cons of Used Office Furniture

Besides some pros which have been shown above, there are some cons of the used one which you also need to notice before shopping such the used office furniture. Still, the cons are not that much. Some of the cons are mentioned below:

  • Finding the matching office furniture which is used is a little bit challenging but perhaps you can choose the same style or colour.
  • There is no guarantee for such the used furniture. Thus, you need to deal with the risk.
  • The comfort of the used chairs might be not that satisfying since the chair often adapts to the person’s body that often use it for a long time.

Tips for the Used Office Furniture

If you are interested in getting the used furniture rather than the new one, here are some tips which you can deal with in order to get a bunch of satisfaction

  • Always be sure that you choose the quality furniture. That is especially by noticing the material, fabric, and construction.
  • If the used furniture has the quality, a little bit makeover for better appearance would not be hurt.
  • If you get the not matching used furniture, you can simply go to make them having the same point, as like having the same colour.
  • The used cushioned chairs which might be a bit not comfortable can still be boosted by a bit recovery.

Those are some tips which are worth a try and you can enjoy getting a bunch of benefits when choosing to get the used office furniture.

The Stylish Home with the Adorable Unfinished Furniture

(three-fives) The unfinished furniture is such the interesting thing for getting the touch of unique style and look effectively to your home. If we often look for the ideas of various kinds of furniture which are completely done with the proper colour as the finishing, or even with such the perfect look of the furniture which is clean, clear, and also perfect, knowing much about the unfinished furniture will be such the good idea for you to try. Surely, if you love the unique look of the home, perhaps the unfinished one will be such the good idea for you to try and obtain. You can get a touch of the unique look for your perfect home. Still, sometimes it is something hard to deal with the perfect look and also condition of the furniture. When you are hunting the furniture, for sure you will look for furniture which can help you getting the comfort, great look, and also the perfect condition as well. It is such the good thing to know about it that the furniture with the unfinished look and condition can still give you a bunch of great comfort, great look, and perfect function. It is what we need to consider when dealing with the need of the unique look to your home. That can be a piece of the point interest as well to your home. That is the reason why the unfinished style furniture is often chosen by a lot of people. If you are also interested in this kind of furniture, what you need to do is finding much more information. The information below can be the helpful idea for you to deal with such that thing.

Unfinished Wood Furniture

Nowadays the unfinished furniture is getting so popular. There are various ideas in dealing with that thing because the wide ranges of references which we can also find. One of the popular choices of the furniture is the wooden one with the unfinished style. For sure, we have seen a lot of ideas of the unfinished wooden furniture out there. In addition, the unfinished one offers some pros and cons besides its popularity. Still, the cons are not that much compared to its pros. That will be such the good thing to know about the pros and cons first.

Pros of unfinished wood furniture:

  • Offers the unique look to your home or room
  • Brings the natural wood look
  • The unfinished furniture is mostly cheaper

Cons of unfinished wood furniture:

  • The wood which is not finished is not that durable enough
  • If you want to continue the process, that will take much time and energy

Mix and Match Ideas for Unfinished furniture

If you have the unfinished furniture, and you love how it looks like, you can simply tries to mix and match the furniture with such the stunning decorations for your home interior. One of the ideas for decorating your unfinished wood chairs is by placing the stunning cushions. The adorable covers for the cushions will make your unfinished wood chairs to be completely stunning, for example the patterned or vibrant tone cushion covers. You can also mix and match the unfinished wood furniture to the clean yet fresh look decoration, as like the colourful rugs. Placing the touch of green plants will also be the great thing, even though you place the artificial plants there.

DIY Ideas to deal with the Unfinished Furniture

If you get such the unfinished wood furniture, and you love its natural wood colour and look, you only need to sand your wood furniture surface, and then you can seal the surface and finishing it using the clear coating. That will help to keep your wood furniture durable but still unique with its unfinished look. Another idea if you want to get the new look one, you can simply try to apply decoupage. That will make your unfinished furniture to have its beautiful look. You can also find another idea for dealing with your unfinished furniture.

Top Kitchen Ideas to Make It Look As Good As New

(three-fives) One of the places in your home that you will spend the most time working in is the kitchen. Surprisingly enough, it is also designed to be the most boring space in the entire house. No doubt, while spending hours cooking in a bland space, you get bored to the extent that you don’t want to spend time there anymore and don’t want to cook either.

So, what is the remedy to that situation? The best thing to do is to spice up your kitchen with some do it yourself projects. Yes, it does sound expensive, but the opposite of that is true; you can find some great ideas that will be able to fit your budget perfectly.

To help you make your kitchen a lovely place to be, we have listed down some beautiful kitchen designs and ideas that you can implement. One thing that you must remember is that decorating or renovating a kitchen should be a long-term cause as, even if your budget is not too much, it will still cost you and redoing it again and again is not an easy task. Hence, whatever you choose should be something that you feel will keep you satisfied for a long time.

Lights Make It Bright

If your kitchen is dimly lit, chances are that you will not feel welcome and will quickly get irritated even by the thought of going inside, even if it is just to open the fridge. Cooking will seem like a big task and you will want to put it off every time. To make it a happier place, try to switch to light bulbs which throw more light.

If you feel that the sockets are too few, you can get your electrician to install new ones so that you can increase the number of blubs inside. Also, make sure that the fixtures you use are appealing as they will also attribute to the style. You can get fancy light bulbs if you do not want to go for a fixture; they are quite trending these days and are being used for different reasons.

Add a Little Backsplash

Simple painted walls are tough to clean and boring to look at. Adding a little backsplash to your kitchen walls will not only look great but also be easy to clean. You get a huge variety in backsplash. You can use from a variety of materials, colors, designs, etc.

Make sure whatever color you choose goes well with the colors of your kitchen. Also, backsplash does not cost too much so you don’t have to worry about it exceeding your budget limit.

Time for New Faucets

If your faucet has been in the kitchen for a very long time, it’s probably lost the shine that it once had. To uplift the look of the kitchen sink, you can simply change the faucet. It will be shinier and look great with the updates you are making to the kitchen.

There are many varieties available, so make sure that you choose one of high quality so that it is durable and lasts for a long time. Also, choose one that is a bit modern as this is what is trending nowadays.

Show Off the Walls

If you are not too fond of the cabinets and are ready to make a drastic change in your kitchen, take off those cabinet doors and expose the walls. It will give a more open look to the kitchen and will look quite fancy as well.

If you want, you can also take out the old cabinets and put in shelves instead. There are many options of that available. You can choose the one that best suits your purpose as it will be able to hold all your stuff.

Hang the Excess

Keeping your pots and pans in a cabinet means that too much space will be used and it will never be as organized as you want. The best solution to that is to install a rack on the ceiling and hang all the pots and pans.

Add an Island

This only applies if you have some space in your kitchen. If you have an open floor plan, you can choose from a variety of kitchen layouts and install a concrete island in your kitchen. It will give you more space to keep your stuff and a place to sit and eat as well.

There are also other island styles that you can choose from. It is completely dependent on your budget and your choice of style.

Paint and Change

Another great way to uplift the look of your house is by changing out all the hardware. This includes the drawer and cabinet handles and any other knobs and pulls that you can find. They are inexpensive and will make everything look as if it’s been replaced.

To enhance the look further, you can paint the cabinets a different color or polish them up to make them look brand new.

Rethink the Layout

Another thing that you can do to your kitchen is to move stuff around to make it look a little different from before. Check out the current layout of the kitchen and think about what more you can do to it. Move around the stove or the appliances that can be moved.

Think About the Flooring Too

Think about changing the flooring of your kitchen as there are so many things you can do. You can opt for hardwood flooring, tiles, etc. It doesn’t cost so much and will look great, but make sure that it goes with the rest of the house as well so that it does not look out of place.

If you do not want to change the flooring, one thing that you can do is to add a little rug over it. That will also brighten up the style of the kitchen. Remember, little things can make big difference.

Whether you have a professional doing all the stuff for you or you plan on a DIY kitchens project, you will manage to give a unique look to your kitchen which will have a lasting impact with the steps above.

Why We Should Choose Nebraska Furniture Mart

Most pieces of furniture are a long-term investment, and when you’re equipping your home for the long-term, you want to make sure you’re buying quality products that will adequately fulfill your needs. So, before you do anything else, you should make sure you’re buying from a tried-and-true retailer. And, among the many companies of that niche, is the Nebraska Furniture Mart.

It was founded as far back as 1937, but has since grown to be so much more than a simple furniture store. Today, they operate a total of four sprawling stores across four states: Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Texas.

Nebraska Furniture Mart


In short – almost everything. To be more specific:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronic
  • Flooring
  • Home decor
  • Outdoor furniture and equipment


First and foremost, the furniture is further divided into several subcategories according to the type of product. This includes furniture meant to be used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens, as well as that intended for office environments and outdoor use. Moreover, it includes an assortment of products designed for children of all ages, and even bar room furniture that includes not only bars and bar stools, but also game tables on top of that.

Nebraska Furniture Mart

The appliances sold by Nebraska Furniture Mart include all the things you’d expect to find in a modern kitchen, and more. You can choose from several types of refrigerators, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers etc. Apart from that, you can also find the smaller devices which can hardly be considered necessities, but can be extremely useful for some users. What I’m talking about here is things like microwaves, blenders and many other pieces of equipment, plus all the tools required to maintain them.


In the electronics department, Nebraska Furniture Mart boasts the versatility that can rival that of any specialized electronics stores. They sell both desktop and laptop PCs, pre-made configurations and individual components alike. For those who prioritize mobility over performance, they offer tablet PCs and smartphones, and for those who like to spend their free time enjoying video games, they can find an assortment of consoles here as well. Additionally, they also sell other types of home electronics, such as sound systems, TVs, phones and even exercise machines. And lastly, many portable handheld devices can be found in their inventory as well – from earbuds to GPS devices.


When it comes to flooring, the company offers all types of solutions, from your traditional rugs and carpets, to laminate and vinyl planks, along with several types of tiles. And, for those willing to invest more and require only the best, they also offer a number of hardwood flooring solutions. As for home decor and outdoor furniture, the company is just as versatile in this regard. The former offers a plethora of miscellaneous items with both practical and decorative purposes, while the latter includes all sorts of patio furniture and lawn equipment


Customer reviews, however, seem to be mostly mixed, if not leaning towards negative. There are countless reviews out there, but several important points can be highlighted:

The furniture can be quite low quality

While it may not be the case with electronics, where you can easily ascertain the quality of a product based on specifications and manufacturer reputation, the same cannot be said for furniture. So, even if a certain shelf looks to be particularly sturdy and reliable when you check it out at the store, there is no guarantee that it will remain so after a certain period of use. While this may be true for some products, especially cheaper ones, it is not representative of the overall quality of NFM inventory.

Customer support

This seems to be among the most common complaints customers have. Namely, the company’s support lines can be very unresponsive, and people often have to go through a great deal of trouble before they can finally resolve a problem they may be having. This, however, is a common issue with large companies, and Nebraska Furniture Mart is no different.


Another qualm that customers seem to have with the company is slow delivery, especially if they live far from any of the NFM stores. This is another problem that is rooted in logistics, as companies have to rely on third parties for delivery and setup services in order to provide them to customers in more remote locations.


Put simply, the primary strength of Nebraska Furniture Mart is their versatility. Sure, they may have “furniture” as part of their name, but their products and services go way beyond that. It is a huge, sprawling place where you can find just about anything that you need. Therefore, it is very easy to make NFM your go-to place for all your needs – they simply have all kinds of everything.

The issues you may encounter, such as unresponsive customer support or slow delivery, are something that plagues each big enterprise, so if you do not want to risk having to deal with that, you’d be better off turning to a smaller, local store. (three-fives.com)