Why We Should Choose Nebraska Furniture Mart

Most pieces of furniture are a long-term investment, and when you’re equipping your home for the long-term, you want to make sure you’re buying quality products that will adequately fulfill your needs. So, before you do anything else, you should make sure you’re buying from a tried-and-true retailer. And, among the many companies of that niche, is the Nebraska Furniture Mart.

It was founded as far back as 1937, but has since grown to be so much more than a simple furniture store. Today, they operate a total of four sprawling stores across four states: Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Texas.

Nebraska Furniture Mart


In short – almost everything. To be more specific:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronic
  • Flooring
  • Home decor
  • Outdoor furniture and equipment


First and foremost, the furniture is further divided into several subcategories according to the type of product. This includes furniture meant to be used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens, as well as that intended for office environments and outdoor use. Moreover, it includes an assortment of products designed for children of all ages, and even bar room furniture that includes not only bars and bar stools, but also game tables on top of that.

Nebraska Furniture Mart

The appliances sold by Nebraska Furniture Mart include all the things you’d expect to find in a modern kitchen, and more. You can choose from several types of refrigerators, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers etc. Apart from that, you can also find the smaller devices which can hardly be considered necessities, but can be extremely useful for some users. What I’m talking about here is things like microwaves, blenders and many other pieces of equipment, plus all the tools required to maintain them.


In the electronics department, Nebraska Furniture Mart boasts the versatility that can rival that of any specialized electronics stores. They sell both desktop and laptop PCs, pre-made configurations and individual components alike. For those who prioritize mobility over performance, they offer tablet PCs and smartphones, and for those who like to spend their free time enjoying video games, they can find an assortment of consoles here as well. Additionally, they also sell other types of home electronics, such as sound systems, TVs, phones and even exercise machines. And lastly, many portable handheld devices can be found in their inventory as well – from earbuds to GPS devices.


When it comes to flooring, the company offers all types of solutions, from your traditional rugs and carpets, to laminate and vinyl planks, along with several types of tiles. And, for those willing to invest more and require only the best, they also offer a number of hardwood flooring solutions. As for home decor and outdoor furniture, the company is just as versatile in this regard. The former offers a plethora of miscellaneous items with both practical and decorative purposes, while the latter includes all sorts of patio furniture and lawn equipment


Customer reviews, however, seem to be mostly mixed, if not leaning towards negative. There are countless reviews out there, but several important points can be highlighted:

The furniture can be quite low quality

While it may not be the case with electronics, where you can easily ascertain the quality of a product based on specifications and manufacturer reputation, the same cannot be said for furniture. So, even if a certain shelf looks to be particularly sturdy and reliable when you check it out at the store, there is no guarantee that it will remain so after a certain period of use. While this may be true for some products, especially cheaper ones, it is not representative of the overall quality of NFM inventory.

Customer support

This seems to be among the most common complaints customers have. Namely, the company’s support lines can be very unresponsive, and people often have to go through a great deal of trouble before they can finally resolve a problem they may be having. This, however, is a common issue with large companies, and Nebraska Furniture Mart is no different.


Another qualm that customers seem to have with the company is slow delivery, especially if they live far from any of the NFM stores. This is another problem that is rooted in logistics, as companies have to rely on third parties for delivery and setup services in order to provide them to customers in more remote locations.


Put simply, the primary strength of Nebraska Furniture Mart is their versatility. Sure, they may have “furniture” as part of their name, but their products and services go way beyond that. It is a huge, sprawling place where you can find just about anything that you need. Therefore, it is very easy to make NFM your go-to place for all your needs – they simply have all kinds of everything.

The issues you may encounter, such as unresponsive customer support or slow delivery, are something that plagues each big enterprise, so if you do not want to risk having to deal with that, you’d be better off turning to a smaller, local store. (three-fives.com)